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Volunteer Eye Surgeons International: Bringing Sight to the World by Dr. Mark Hornfeld, DO

VESI (Volunteer Eye Surgeons International) has worked to restore eyesight to the world since 1986. Many people in underserved communities suffer with vision problems that can be easily corrected using modern ophthalmology tools and practices. VESI strives to reach out to these communities by establishing clinics and offering training to local ophthalmologists. The organization also …

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Dr. Mark Hornfeld on How Poor Health Can Lead to Poor Vision (part 1 of 2)

Recently, news organizations across the United States have reported a growing incidence of debilitating eye diseases. Ophthalmologist Mark Hornfeld answers questions about the reports. Question: Which eye diseases are on the rise? Dr. Mark Hornfeld: We’ve seen the biggest increase in eye diseases associated with aging or diabetes. For example, instances of diabetic retinopathy have …

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